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Cantucci 200 g


Typical pastry from Abruzzo and spread in Central Italy, it is made with a simple dough of flour, almonds, eggs and sugar, kneaded in order to obtain a soft long-shaped dough which is cut up in slices after the first cooking and then baked again until it becomes a fragrant, tasty and perfumed biscuit. Cantucci have the same consistency of a biscuit because, originally, farro and almond flour was used. The appealing look of Cantucci d’Abruzzo makes them perfect to be soaked in the traditional vino cotto from Abruzzo or to be served with a cup of coffee. Its refined packaging can be created only by those who have a great passion for tradition.

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Neole 150 g


Typical pastry from Abruzzo made with a production process that has not changed over the centuries, which involves the use of ferro for cooking, an essential double-slabbed and slightly hollow tool, which gives the Neole their peculiar rhombus-shaped look. Every family used to have a ferro and, as a proof of its importance, it was part of the bride’s inventory. In many cases, the central part of this tool had the family’s coat of arms, therefore when the bride was giving her Neole, the coat of arms of her own ferro represented a proper signature. Nowadays, there are plenty of versions of this speciality, even though they must traditionally be crispy, thin and with anise seeds, just the way Rustichella d’Abruzzo proposes it. According to tradition, cooking time must equal the duration of the Ave Maria on one side and the Lord’s Prayer on the other. You can try it with a bit of powdered sugar and cinnamon or stuffed with Rustichella “Sclucchiata di uva Montepulciano d’Abruzzo”. Its refined packaging can be created only by those who have a great passion for tradition.

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Amaretti Morbidi 250 g


Amaretti are traditional handmade biscuits with sweet and bitter almonds, sugar and albumen. The recipe proposd by Rustichella d’Abruzzo is the typical one from Loreto Aprutino (one of the most fascinating old medieval villages in Abruzzo), in the soft version. They are excellent to be served with a cup of tea and eaten in special occasions. Its refined packaging can be created only by those who have a great passion for tradition.

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Sclucchiata 150 g


Sclucchiata is a traditional jam produced by Rustichella d’Abruzzo with more than 85% of Montepulciano d’Abruzzo grapes. The final product is absolutely natural and keeps the taste and fragrance of this typical variety of grapes from Abruzzo. Traditionally, it is prepared by squashing the grapes by hand, hence its name ‘Sclucchiata’ or ‘Scrucchiata’ (meaning “cracked” or “squashed” in Italian). The lovers of folkloristic traditions and the gluttons can try it with a tea spoon, or you can use it as filling for Rustichella d’Abruzzo Neole, with a bit of cinnamon and powdered sugar.

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Zunza with anise 300 g


Available soon.

Anise is the ingredient that is never missing in Abruzzo desserts. Tradition has passed on its use in the doughs of ciambelloni, ferratelle and even combined with coffee. La Zunza is an artisanal sweet anise with genuine products like eggs, sugar and flour. The term "Zunza" is most likely to be connected to a root of the Arabic language, filtered by the Spanish dialects, which links the word to the concept of nectar. The characteristic flavor is given by the contrast between the sweetness of the dough and the freshness of anise. Outside the Zunza is covered with almonds. Excellent with creams, sweet wines and liqueurs.

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