Stelline 500 g


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High quality durum wheat semolina pasta. We suggest pairing with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, an excellent source of energy and essential fatty acids, produced from olives from the vestina area called "golden triangle" with a intense but not strong taste, it is suitable for all . Cooking time: 7 minutes.

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Perle di Patate 500 g


Perle di patate (potato pearls) have an even softer and more substantial texture. We recommend it with two particular Rustichella d’Abruzzo condiments: organic Pesto alla Genovese for the lovers of “healthy” recipes and organic “alla Arrabbiata” sauce for the lovers of spicy flavours. Cooking time: 2 minutes.

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Rustichelle with egg, Teramana sauce with meatballs, and freshly milled Extra Virgin Olive Oil Novello are perfect for a palate accustomed to goodness. Let yourself be intoxicated by the fragrance of a good Rosé wine accompanied by the unmistakable taste of our orange and chocolate panettone and on the finish the hazelnut nougat that melts in your mouth.

Inside you will find:

R00158 Farfalloni 500g 1 Pz.
R00162 Cencioni 250g 1 Pz.
R00157 Nidi Tagliatelle 500g 1 Pz.
R00145 Paccheri 500g 1 Pz.
R07912 Paccherini Frutti di Bosco 250g 1 Pz.
R06949 Fiori di Zucca 500g 1 Pz.
R05351 Tonnarelli al Peperoncino 500g 1 Pz.
R07161 Stuzzicarelli Funghi Porcini 250g 1 Pz.
R07164 Laganelle al Limone 250g 1 Pz.
R00180 Linguette all'Uovo Stese a Mano 250g 1 Pz.
R00202 Riccioli all'Uovo 250g 1 Pz.
R00198 Paglia e Fieno all'Uovo 250g 1 Pz.

Laganelle with truffle 250 g


The intense perfume of black Truffle together with the taste of eggs and durum wheat semolina will give you an unforgettable experience. Try Rustichella d’Abruzzo Laganelle al Tartufo in the classic recipe with Porcini mushrooms, nuts and Alba black truffle slivers. We recommend it also with our ‘Tartufata’ sauce or our ‘ai Funghi Porcini’ sauce, with a bit of Rustichella d'Abruzzo PrimoGrano INTOSSO monocultivar Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Cooking time: 4 minutes.

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Chitarrone 500 g


Shape similar to Spaghetti but with higher thickness and a square section instead of round, which is named after the typical tool used for its preparation (called indeed “chitarra”), which gives this pasta a firm texture that can capture completely the condiment, ranging from a simple but delicious tomato and basil sauce, to a more full-bodied and rustic one like sausage and radicchio or a “healthier” one like Rustichella d’Abruzzo “pesto alla Genovese”. Cooking time: 16-18 minutes.

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World Pasta Day tube Naples


Rustichella d'Abruzzo celebrates the pasta festival with the World Pasta Day tube. Inside you will find:

Spaghetti 500g

Tomato and basil sauce 270 g

Wooden fork signed Rustichella d'Abruzzo

Cooked Cotechino 500 g


Cotechino is made up of noble parts of the pig and rind, as required by tradition. The meats, from Italian pigs, are minced and delicately flavored with spices and aromatic herbs (cloves, pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon and wine) and then stuffed into casings. The precooked product is packaged in airtight bags and subjected to heat treatment at high temperatures for a time sufficient to guarantee its organoleptic stability. Cotechino does not contain gluten.

whole farro pizzichi 500 g


Pizzichi is a special shape similar to Maltagliati pasta, but with “curly” edges, and is produced only with 100% Abruzzo organic whole farro flours and through the traditional artisan production process. Pizzichi can be used in a number of recipes: you can use it with a soup of PrimoGrano “Fagiolo Tondino del Tavo” seasoned with INTOSSO Extra Virgin Olive Oil, or in the recipe called “Viva l’Italia” by Maria Stefania Peduzzi, owner of Rustichella d’Abruzzo, who prepares it in a “summer version” with Pachino cherry tomatoes, bufala mozzarella cheese, capers, PrimoGrano INTOSSO Extra Virgin Olive Oil and fresh basil. Cooking time: 10-12 minutes.

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Creste di Gallo 500 g


Short pasta originally from Sicily, rough, porous and half-moon-shaped, it is ideal with the Rustichella d’Abruzzo "alla Norma" or "Peperoni" sauces. Cooking time: 8-10 minutes.

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100% organic whole wheat filini 250 g


High quality whole wheat Filini, 100% organic. Rustichella d’Abruzzo wants to make children from very early age start appreciating whole wheat cereals, rich in fibres, vitamins and mineral nutrients, for a healthy and complete nutrition from a very early age. It can combine with all ZEROTRE condiments: organic “Pomodoro e Carote” sauce, “Pesto per pesti alla Genovese” D.O.P., Parmigiano Reggiano D.O.P. cream, or with just a bit of ZEROTRE extra virgin olive oil. Cooking time: 4 minutes; recommended for children aged from 8 months and over, unless otherwise indicated by the pediatrician.

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Sober, enigmatic, and always with something to say. The Magritte pack will make space between your taste buds and rise beyond your imagination. A small selection of products from the classic Rustichella d'Abruzzo line, ready to fill the tables.

Inside you will find:

R05998 Spaghettone del Leone 500g 1 Pz.
R00329 Bucatini 500g 1 Pz.
R00322 Fettuccine 500g 1 Pz.
R00316 Linguine 500g 1 Pz.
R00320 Chitarra 500g 1 Pz.
R00324 Fusilli 500g 1 Pz.
R00323 Tortiglioni 500g 1 Pz.
R00321 Penne Rigate 500g 1 Pz.
R00182 Mezzemaniche 500g 1 Pz.
R00326 Casareccia 500g 1 Pz.

Spinach tonnarelli 500 g


Artisan pasta aromatized with Spinach leaves from Italian cultivations, similar to Spaghetti but with a bigger diameter. It matches Rustichella d’Abruzzo organic “Pomodoro e Basilico” sauce or “alla Arrabbiata” sauce, or with Rustichella d’Abruzzo organic “Pesto alla Genovese”, not pasteurised. Cooking time: 9-11 minutes.

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Garganelli 250 g


Rustichella d’Abruzzo Garganelli all’Uovo is a type of pasta originally from Emilia Romagna, very much loved and appreciated especially abroad. Thanks to its particular shape and the stripes on the outer surface, Garganelli can be prepared in broth, combined with some of our sauces like ‘alla Salsiccia’ or ‘alle Olive’, or with a vegetable pesto, pine nuts and Pecorino cheese, for the lovers of a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle. Cooking time: 9 minutes.

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Organic penne rigate 500 g


Penne Rigate is very famous for its versatility, thanks to its design and for the presence of deep grooves on the surface, which allow it to collect any kind of condiment, both on the inside and the outside. Made with certified organic ‘Senatore Cappelli’ durum wheat semolina and an artisan production process, Rustichella d’Abruzzo recommends it with all those meat-based sauces of the Italian tradition, such as ‘rosso alla Salsiccia’ sauce or ‘alla Genovese’ sauce. Cooking time: 8-10 minutes.

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The Kiss


There is nothing better than a Kiss to solidify the beginning of something. If we want to ensure an excellent result, however, it is better not to be caught unprepared, creating a warm and fragrant environment with our paccherini and champagne is a breeze! If you are not sure of the result, you can aim for the more classic products contained in our Il Bacio gift pack. If this were not enough, the final with the Panettone without candied fruit and the white almond nougat will be a guaranteed success.

Inside you will find:

R08355 Paccherini al Melograno 250g 1 Pz.
R08795 Paccherini Blue Sky 250g 1 Pz.
R00222 Laganelle al Tartufo 250g 1 Pz.
R00164 Tonnarelli al Nero di Seppia 500g 1 Pz.
R00145 Paccheri 500g 1 Pz.
R001814 Nastrini all'Uovo Stesi a Mano 500g 1 Pz.
R08768 Panettone solo Uvetta Limited Edition 1kg 1 Pz.
R04769 Torrone Bianco alla Mandorla 200g 1 Pz.
M00938 Champagne Bauget Jouette Grande Reserve 750ml 1 Pz.

Tuna in can 2.4 Kg


Made in Sicily with fish from the Mediterranean Sea. The fish is cleaned by hand without chemicals and without the use of preservatives. The tuna and mackerel are cooked in water and salt and not by steam in order to keep the organoleptic qualities intact and not to disperse most of the proteins. Once cooked, the fish are cooled, cleaned and cut into slices. Subsequently placed in fillets in jars and cans.

Drink Straw Mais 400 g


Eat it or Drink from it. The eco-sustainable alternative to the ubiquitous plastic straw. Made using pasta, gluten free and 100% biodegradable, it is the perfect solution to the issue of enviromental sustainability.