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The latest product in gastronomy that enriches the already wide range of Rustichella. From now on, the consumers will be able to taste an excellent dish of Spaghetti in a very short time! With RAPIDA Pasta, we bring all the tastiness of an artisan pasta to your table in just 90 seconds! High quality semolina, bronze dies and slow drying process at low temperature make 90 Seconds Spaghetti suitable also for those who are not familiar with cooking: it is EASY, FAST and obviously GOOD! The packaging has an innovative “futuristic” appearance, telling consumers that Rustichella wants to break the misconception that Spaghetti is a slow product that does not fit the frenetic rhythms of everyday life. The innovation of “RAPIDA 90 Seconds Spaghetti” is the very thin (and patented) bronze die in the form of the letter “C”. The result is an excellent product with a very short cooking time, just 90 seconds! It has received a number of international awards, such as the “Global Competence in Food” Award at 2015 Anuga food show (one of the most important F&B events in the world) as Best Packaging, and “Fabi AWARD” at 2016 National Restaurant Association in Chicago.

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Pennine 500 g


With a smaller diameter than Penne and a superior length, this type of short pasta is very well served with condiments of vegetables but also with a simple Rustichella d'Abruzzo “Pomodoro e Basilico” sauce. Cooking time: 8-10 minutes.

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Zampone Cotto


It is produced with a mixture of selected pork (throat, bacon, shoulder, head), salt and spices, wrapped in the casing formed by the leg of a pig. It has a firm and uniform consistency, a not excessive stickiness, and a bright pink color tending to red. The zampone does not contain gluten.

Paccherini pesca e albicocca 250 g


Peach and Apricot are the summer fruits par excellence. Apparently, Chinese emperors used to consume them already 4000 years ago. Originally from Central Asia, these fruits were brought to the Mediterranean area after the conquests by Alexander the Great. In ancient Egypt, they were sacred fruits to Arpocrate, god of silence and childhood: in fact, children’s cheeks nowadays are usually compared to these fruits, for their velvety softness. After a period of oblivion, Arabs reintroduced their plantation, for gastronomy and pharmacological use. Many famous artists such as Caravaggio, Renoir, Arcimboldo and Monet often painted them in their works, thanks to their beauty and colour. Cooking time: 13-15 minutes.

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Organic whole wheat fettuccine 500 g


Rustichella d’Abruzzo ‘Senatore Cappelli’ whole wheat Fettuccine have the unique rusticity and the intense perfume of the ancient wheat. It is bronze drawn and slowly dried at low temperature, in order to obtain a unique texture that can collect any kind of condiment. It is extremely versatile and perfect for seafood-based condiments like shelled scampi, crunchy leek and Rustichella organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, or with our organic ‘Pesto alla Genovese’. Cooking time: 11-13 minutes.

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Bavettine 250 g


Rustichella d’Abruzzo Bavettine all’Uovo is a tribute to the culinary tradition of Liguria. Made to be combined with the traditional Pesto of Liguria, it combines also with seafood-based condiments. We recommend it also with some of our sauces, such as ‘Vongole alla Marinara’, ‘Vongole’ and ‘alla Pescatora’, or with our organic ‘Pesto alla Genovese’ and a bit of Rustichella Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Cooking time: 4-6 minutes.

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Le Rustichelle Tube 500 g


A typical shape of the culinary tradition of Abruzzo, made with 100% eggs from hens in barns, without water, bronze drawn and slowly dried at low temperature (in tube package). This type of pasta has a texture with an exceptional roughness, visible to the naked eye. We recommend it with some red sauces, such as Rustichella d’Abruzzo ‘alla Norma’, ‘Bolognese’ or ‘Genovese’. Cooking time: 13-15 minutes.

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Teramana sauce with meatballs 500 g


The Teramana meatballs sauce is an unsurpassed condiment of the Abruzzo culinary tradition. Teramana meatballs are so-called because they were used in the so-called "ragù all'abruzzese" typical of the Teramo area and used above all on holidays and Sunday lunches. Thanks to the very small size of the meatballs, the sauce is a real concentrate of goodness, capable of making your dishes unique. Rustichella d'Abruzzo uses only high-quality ingredients as required by the traditional recipe.

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Grattini 250 g


Grattini all’Uovo is a small-sized grain-shaped type of egg pasta, perfect for vegetable soups or legume soups. We recommend it with a delicate leek and potato soup or with a simple vegetable broth with a bit of Rustichella d’Abruzzo Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Cooking time: 5 minutes.

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Rustichella Gift Blue

Il Gift comprende:

1 Tube "Confezione Regalo"

1 Grembiule Rustichella 100% cotone

1 Presina Rustichella 100% cotone

1 Confezione di pasta a scelta (formati lunghi)

1 sugo a scelta

Organic extra virgin olive oil 500 ml


Rustichella d’Abruzzo brings to your table its Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This olive oil has low acidity and a slightly fruity taste with sharp notes. The harvest technique through “brucatura manuale” and the following stone milling allow to preserve both the integrity of centuries-old olive groves and the high quality of olives, even from an organoleptic point of view.

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Conchiglioni 500 g


Rustichella d’Abruzzo Conchiglioni pasta is offered with the new captivating packaging in pure Kraft paper. During his event in Stadio Olimpico in Rome on April 2016, Michelin-starred Chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo presented the recipe with which he started out in Villa Crespi, cooking Rustichella d’Abruzzo Conchiglioni filled with Gorgonzola cheese and puree of green apple and rapa celery. Another Mediterranean recipe is Conchiglioni “alla Sorrentina” (addition of Rustichella d’Abruzzo PrimoGrano INTOSSO extra virgin olive oil is recommended) or as a starter filled with tuna fish, tomatoes, capers, lemon zest, rocket and Rustichella d’Abruzzo rocket-aromatized extra virgin olive oil. It is recommended also with our condiment “alla Pecorara”. Cooking time: 11-14 minutes.

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Fiori di Zucca Halloween Edition 500 g


One of Rustichella d’Abruzzo new items in Limited Edition that have recently been introduced in Italy and abroad. This type of pasta is similar to Torchietti and is made with 30% of puree of pumpkin. You absolutely need to try it with Rustichella truffle-aromatized Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Cooking time: 10-12 minutes.

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Torrone morbido al cioccolato 200 g


Rustichella d’Abruzzo Torrone Morbido al Cioccolato is a gift for all those who love “soft” cakes and do not want to give up on intense tastes. Prepared with delicious hazelnuts and refined dark chocolate, this artisan speciality comes from the skillful combination of few precious ingredients. Packed by hand, it has an elegant wrapping which gives this speciality a touch of refinement.

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Pici 250 g


Pici is a kind of pasta that looks like larger Spaghetti and represents one of the recent new items out of the line Formati Regionali of Rustichella d’Abruzzo. The classic condiment is aglione, a tomato sauce with a particular type of garlic cultivated only in Sarteano (Siena) and its surroundings. However, this pasta can be combined also with livers sauce or with sautéed breadcrumbs in olive oil. Condiments like Rustichella d’Abruzzo “ai Funghi Porcini” and the amazing “Tartufata” sauces are also recommended. Cooking time: 20-22 minutes.

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Abruzzo pear tomato puree 500 g


New Campaign available from 20 September 2020.

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Speciality of PrimoGrano line, the local type of tomato called “Pera” (pear) grows in Abruzzo. It is unique and very different from all the other varieties of tomato. It has been cultivated for centuries and has very few seeds, it is very fleshy and weighs about 300-500 g. It is particularly suited for the preparation of sauces and its sweet and velvety taste, together with its low acidity, makes it much more refined than all other common types.

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